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Total dedication to the male body

In an exclusive space to men, in total privacy, we have reserved for you our full attention.


Here you will feel at home, this is a site dedicated to you, welcoming, without the usual aspect of a doctor's office, without waiting rooms, shopping mall music and accusing glances.


We are male technicians, portuguese, experienced and certified in the area of male body hair removal and relaxation massage.

We do waxing or body hair trimming with machine, scissor or razor blade. In short ... we do the sculpture of the male body hair.

It's our passion! And we love it! Believe it! And we're not talking about hair removal of any specific group of men! We are talking about body hair removal on any man ... normal men, between 16 and 70 years, who want to have a modern aspect, clean, sexy, confident and professional.

With the advantage that also do relaxation massage so you can face the world with another disposition.

During the North American Great Depression of 1929-32, economists found something to which they named "syndrome (or effect) of red lipstick." The maids were trying to draw the attention of their employers through the use of red lipstick. Sounds simple, but it worked. Imagine: you are the boss and have to choose between two candidates for a position. Same old, same clothes, same knowledge, all the same! But a candidate has hairs in the ears and in addition you also can see dark long hairs coming out of the nose and curls under the tie ... guess who will be chosen? I bet you chose the candidate without hairs! It is a fact of life. We do not want to talk about sad things, but the last two years the aesthetic business has grown very quickly. Hard times, isn't it?

Men remove hairs for various reasons, in most cases to satisfy their sense of self-image, others just to please his partner. For example, waxing of intimate zone helps enhance pleasure during intimacy. Men hair removal is not new, only been a century or two off the lights of stardom. Hair removal was common in ancient Egypt, in Rome, in England during Elizabeth I's reign period (1558-1603), in the Renaissance and in Europe in the nineteenth-century. But at this point only nobles were waxing. Now those times are back ... male body waxing has returned!

No superfluous hair equals no body odor. Basically, the hair is the one to blame for our body odor, the hair is where the smell accumulates. No superfluous hair and you look younger. No superfluous hair and everyone can see your well defined abs ... and without make weight! You'll never have hair in the bathing suit area ... and you are ready for a second youth!
And if you're young ... ok, the next evening you will rock!

A tip: we men, we pay more attention to the overall image, but women pay more attention to detail. There is a saying: "God is in the details." So let's concentrate on the little details, like body hair and soon you will see results!


PS: in our opinion (and of many people) ... hair on the back and shoulders is simply disgusting!

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