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Relaxing massages
Depilação masculina - Massagens de relaxamento


Basic Benefits of massage:
• Helps relieve spasms and muscle tension
• Increase the efficiency of our immunity
• Improves circulation
• Promotes tissue regeneration
• Increase the healthy functioning of the skin
• Causes deep relaxation
• Renews emotional tranquility
• Improves appearance

A massage:
• It's calorie free
• It's free of fat
• Do not ruin your teeth
• It's impossible to over-do

The relaxation massage benefits flexibility, increases circulation, soothes muscle pain and from psychological perspective releases stress and creates a feeling of well-being and joy.
The relaxation massage promotes the improvement of the blood circulation by increasing the flow of nutrients and removing catabolites and metabolites (cell toxic substances) harmful to the body, thereby providing pain relief and facilitates muscle activity.

As it is made the relaxation massage?
The applied technique in relaxation massage includes soft and firm movements throughout the body, providing relaxation of the muscles and relieving tension. The massage is done with the application of oils or creams, bringing an effective well-being and sense of comfort and tranquility.

Some basic movements included in the relaxing massage:

Smoothing movement performed with the entire surface of the palm of one or both hands. When done slowly, straightening helps the patient to relax. This move also proves to be useful in the union of sequences of other movements.
The therapeutic effects of this massage technique are generated mainly by means of a direct mechanical effect on tissues and in parallel through the sensory nervous system. These movements may provide a significant relaxation to produce a sedative effect which relieves pain and muscle spasm.

Kneading massage is a relaxation technique where the subcutaneous tissue and muscles are alternately compressed and released. During the pressure phase of each movement, the hand and skin move together on the deeper structures. During the release phase (relaxation), the hand (or hands) smoothly slides into an adjacent area and the movement is repeated.
By alternating compression and relaxation of muscles, veins (both surface and deep) are emptied and filled alternately. Thus, the congestion is relieved in capillary beds, and improves the flow of blood from arterioles to capillaries.
The lymph flow is stimulated by the same mechanism.
The administration of a strong kneading causes vasodilation of the skin. The skin is mobilized by the manipulations and this promotes its elasticity.

The frictions are techniques of relaxing massage consisting of brief, localized and deeply penetrating movements performed in a circular direction. These deep movements are usually carried out by the fingertips, while the thumb pad or palm can also be used.
The deep and continuous pressure on the tissues causes local damage and releases a substance similar to histamine and other metabolites that act directly on the capillaries and arterioles the that place, causing vasodilation. The magnitude of the response depends on the depth and duration of handling of the application of massage technique. 

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