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Pre-waxing care

Post-waxing care

1- Take a shower! Clean the skin grease, powders and bacteria. Thus prevent infection, facilitates the exit of the hair, makes it more comfortable for the whole process and also saves your technician to possible bad body odors.

2- Take a Aspirin or Ibuprofen 30 to 45 minutes before waxing. This is especially useful for hair removal chest, face or genital area.
3. Smoking, drinking coffee or alcohol increases the level of acid in the body. Take an antacid 20 minutes before waxing helps reduce skin sensitivity. Make an effort and do not drink too much alcohol or coffee in the 2 hours before waxing. On the contrary, you can and should drink plenty of water as it helps to moisturize the skin.
4- Make exfoliation regularly! a slight exfoliating helps eliminate dead cells around the pores and follicles, facilitating the growth of the hair, and preventing the hair grow into (the famous ingrown hair).
5- Do not use tonics or astringents on the skin before waxing because it closes the pores and difficult the output of the hair. Of course, do not put creams or oils in areas to be waxed.
6. Do not tense up! take a deep breath and relax. A relaxed person can handle much better the discomfort of waxing.
7 Do not be shy and take us all your doubts. We will be happy to talk with you and answer all your questions.
8- If you are doing wax dont go to the beach the day you wax. Waxing  can not be performed in sunburnt skin and regeneration process.

1- Immediately after shaving one must apply a gel or cream moisturizer and / or antiseptic (this procedure is usually accomplished by the therapist).
2- Do not abuse the touches! Of course we love the touch of soft hairless skin, but soon after shaving the skin becomes more susceptible to infections.
Control yourself and wait a couple of hours to confirm how the skin got much softer and "sensitive".
3- Wait at least one day to start making exfoliations (unless the skin is still very irritated or red - in this case delay for another day or two). Wash the area of shaved skin gently. Do not use exfoliants immediately after waxing.
4- If you shave legs, do not pédicure.
5- In the next 24 hours you should avoid: sun, solariums, public swimming pools, saunas and jacuzis. If you did a intimate waxing , you should not have sex for a day and after going to the bathroom, wash the anus with soap and water.
6- After shaving do not do heavy physical exercise. Any "activity" that makes us sweat a lot should be avoided.
7- In the following 2 days, do not wear very tight clothing in areas where you did waxing. Keep the affected body area always covered with cotton cloth to prevent get dirty or catch dust.
8- Do not burst bubbles: can cause serious infections.
9- In the following days, put a good moisturizer or if you have the skin more sensitive, an Hamamelis or salicylic acid cream-based , because it helps reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin. Using a cream with hydrocortisone can also be a good option, especially if you have itching. But in this case it is better to seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist.
10- Any unusual changes in the skin contact us immediately.

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