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Trim / Cut / Shaving body hair
Depilação masculina - Aparar os pelos

Trimming, cutting or shaving hair removal is a method performed by a blade machine, scissors or other utensil that serves to cut the hair at skin level. It is the most common form of men make the face hair.

Sometimes the hairs are also trimmed in the neck, chest, abdomen, legs, underarms and pubic area.
Shaving the head hair is usually associated with religious practices, military, some sports (swimming, running and extreme sports), patients receiving chemotherapy treatments or simply to disguise more intense forms of baldness.
Historically, shave the head has also been linked to a form of punishment, penalty and submission to authority.


Before the invention of the razor blades, the hair was sometimes removed by use of shells or by using water and a sharp utensil. These methods were used by some North American tribes before the arrival of the English settlers.
When the copper utensils were invented around 3000 BC, also appeared the first razor blades. The idea of an aesthetic approach to personal hygiene may have begun by this time, despite the Egyptian priests had already practiced something similar.
Alexander the Great, actively promoted shaving during his reign in the fourth century as a way to prevent the enemy holds on the beard in a dangerous manner during battles and also because he believed that got with a more careful look.

Myth or Reality
Trim or cut the hair with blade causes to grow thicker, dark and rough... Myth!
The hair that has not been cut has a thin, soft tip, while after cutting gets a blunt tip and edges, thus appearing more thick rough. The fact that shorter hairs are stiffer (less flexible) than the long hair also contributes to this effect.
The hair looks darker when starts to grow because the hair that has never been cut is usually lighter due to sun esposição.
Also, as we age the hair tends to grow rougher and in more places of the body. For example, a teenager can start trimming the beard at 16, but as he grows older the hair begins to grow more abundantly and thicker, leading some people to believe it was due to shaving, while in reality it is only part of the aging process.
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